Golf Membership

Are you tired of paying private club joining fees and outrageous annual memberships? Well, you won’t find those at Vale de Milho Golf. Here at Vale de Milho Golf there are NO joining fee and our Membership prices are affordable.

What you will find is a club committed to providing an excellent round of golf at a reasonable price.

Membership Type

  • Couple Membership € 890,95
  • Single Membership € 556,20
  • Junior Membership (15th birthday) € 270,00

Full Membership (Includes green-fees all year)

  • Couple Full Membership € 1514,10
  • Single Full Membership € 947,60
  • Junior Full Membership (15th birthday) € 460,00

Golf Packages

Membership 6 Months:

  • Couples: €1278
  • Singles: €682.50
  • Juniors: €342.50

Membership 3 Months:

  • Couples: €790
  • Singles: €445.50
  • Juniors: €222.50

Membership 1 Months:

  • Couples: €328
  • Singles: €182
  • Juniors: €96.50

Weekly membership:

  • €92 per person

If you are a keen golfer, it may be more beneficial for you to join our club for the following reasons:

  • Special and low priced green-fees for members.
  • “Member Only” tournaments and events (Members hold their competitions on Tuesday and Friday mornings).
  • Discounts on guest green fees.
  • Discounts in The Smokehouse at Vale De Milho Golf. The Smokehouse is also a center of social events and is well supported by the 150 resident members, of many different nationalities.